• Metal Detectors, accessories, and General Mail-in Order Form:

    You can always call us to place your order, however if you wish to send your payment (checks or money order) please use this order form.

    To place an order using an order form, Please :

    1- Please Get a print-out of this form and complete it.
    2- Make your Payments By Check Or Money Order in US and International Orders in International Cashiers check , Payable to : A&S Company.
    3- Mail All of above to :
    A&S Company
    3209 Benton St.
    Santa Clara, CA 95051

    First Name:________________Last Name:____________________Middle Name_______

    Email(if any)_________________________________

    Shipping Address___________________________________________________________

    City, State, Zip______________________________________________________


    Fax, If any:_________________________________________________________

    Item No., If any - Model and Description - Our Discounted Price:

    ______ - _______________________________________-___________

    ______ - _______________________________________-___________

    ______ - _______________________________________-___________

    ______ - _______________________________________-___________

    ______ - _______________________________________-___________

    SubTotal - _______________________________________-__________

    8.375 % tax (CALIFORNIA Orders Only)_________________-__________

    Shipping & Handling (if any ) In U.S.A. __________________-______________

    Shipping & Handling International orders, Please Check rates.___-__________

    Total Enclosed_____________________________________-__________

    Please allow us two weeks for delivery if payment is made by a personal check. Shipping cost on all accessories is free if ordered with a detector at the same time. If not please add $5 for shipping for the accessories only Orders, Thank You.

    And Happy Hunting,...:) :)

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