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Garrett PD 6500i

PD 6500i

The new PD 6500i utilizes Garrett's exclusive digital signal processor (DSP) -based technology to provide superior target detection coverage on the left, center and right side of the body from head to toe. Unique 33-zone pinpoint detection assures the ultimate in safety, throughput and reliability with preset programs to cover the most complete range of security applications, including the new Transportation Security Administration's (TSA) Enhanced Metal Detector System required for all U.S. airports. Multi-dimensional coil design detects guns, knives and other flat and rod-shaped weapons regardless of archway location. Zone adjustment enables maximum detection regardless of environmental challenges. Easy-to view eye-level pacing lights with international "wait" and "proceed" symbols on the entrance side of each panel. Easy operation with backlit LCD and LED bar graphs for continuous online operating status and self-diagnostic reporting.

CS 5000

CS 5000

The Garrett Magnascanner CS 5000 is a high-quality microprocessor-based walk-through metal detector that provides superior metal discrimination and detection. It features a DSP (Digital Signal Processor) that automatically suppresses or eliminates electrical interference associated with x-ray devices, video monitors and communications equipment, helping to reduce the likelihood of nuisance alarms and ultimately improving traffic throughput. The Magnascanner CS 5000 offers a diverse range of programs to meet your security needs. The detector is highly portable and can be operated by remote console or a battery pack as needed.

MT 5500

MT 5500

When maximum throughput is top priority, security professionals can depend on the Magnascanner MT 5500 walkthrough metal detector.

Coils on both sides of the archway improve traffic flow by helping to locate targets on the left, right or in the center of the body. Dual alarm lights enhance detection by indicating the side on which a target is located. A head-to-toe uniform detection field removes "hot spots" thereby reducing the likelihood of false alarms. Microprocessor-based circuitry enables the operator to calibrate the detector to meet the needs of various security applications.

Touch pad controls and a backlit LCD revealing all of the operating and control functions help ease operator workload.

MS 3500

MS 3500

A heavyweight metal detector designed to withstand the demands of rugged environments like prisons. Built with sturdy 3/32" aluminum armor sheets and assembled with tamper-proof screws to resist the effects of abuse and weather.

Microprocessor-based detection and operating circuitry provides reliable, uniform metal detection from head-to-toe. A variety of restricted weapons can be detected, including the Glock 17 and any type of ferrous or nonferrous, small-caliber weapon. Three ankle-boost sensitivity levels ensure optimal screening in any security application.

The keypad control box can be mounted on the interior or exterior of the unit. The Magnascanner MS 3500 is a no nonsense detector that provides maximum security with a minimal amount of maintenance.

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