Boom Towns & Relic Hunters of Washington State: Exploring Washington’s Historic Ghost Towns & Mining Camps Paperback

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Visiting the ageless Wild West boom town mining days and striking it rich! Back in the glory days, gold was $21 per ounce, now, in 2011, the price of gold is $1,535 per ounce. Today, it s mainly a mother lode of memories; however, Jerry Smith states, There s still gold in them-thar hills! Just when you thought that striking-it-rich was impossible, comes a fresh, New & Expanded Edition by demand of his bestselling, first-edition book; transporting one back in time to the boom town days of yesteryear, bringing back to life the ageless Old West mining-era days of prosperous boomtowns, miners, prospectors, pioneers, desperados, and million-dollar gold and silver mines. Along with his Boom Towns & Relic Hunters crew, he relies upon a diverse team involving experts from specialties in GPS navigation, high-tech computerized metal detectors, gold recovery specialists, adventure seekers, and cultural historians. Jerry shows you the way to some of Washington s most picturesque, abandoned sites whose yesteryears were as colorful as they were lively. Experience first-hand the excitement of historic ghost towns such as Gold Hill, Nighthawk, Ruby City, Loup Loup City, the legendary boot hill grave site of famed desperado Frank Watkins, and million-dollar mines like the Montana Mine and Mill, the Red Shirt Mine, The Crescent Mine, Fourth of July Mine, The Million-Dollar Alder Gold and Copper Mine, and The First Thought Mine located by Jerry s team of experts. Probe the secrets of these unprecedented time capsules as well as the clues they offer to extraordinary pioneer and mining days dating back over one-hundred years. An expert in his own right, Jerry has authored numerous articles for various national magazines on the history of Northeastern Washington State. His articles and photography have appeared in Lost Treasure magazine, Washington Prospectors magazine, Gold Prospectors & Treasure Hunters magazine, Aero Mechanic newspaper, Okanogan Life magazine, Nostalgia Magazine, Okanogan Valley Gazette-Tribune newspaper, and he has served as an expert consultant on documentary TV shows about the history of the Northeastern Washington. In addition, he is frequently sought out to appear at book talks, book signings, and trade shows. The chapter, information on Metal Detecting and Relic Hunting, is an added bonus. The chapter includes several pages on how to search out and locate long-lost valuable treasures from the past. In the literal sense of the word, arming one s self with a little knowledge about using a metal detector; one s research can actually lead to pay-dirt. So, as a reader, if you re not looking to strike it rich, but would like to visit those colorful Old West days and relive some of Northeastern Washington State s history, excitement is awaiting you in Jerry s New & Expanded Edition, Boom Towns & Relic Hunters Of Washington State-Exploring Washington s Historic Ghost Towns & Mining Camps. Don t miss out! Order your book today! This second New & Expanded Edition is filled with over 320 pages, which includes over 137 of Jerry s rare and historic photographs, 23 rare and one of a kind historic mining documents, complete with exact GPS locations, and 25 new adventure stories. In addition, the book makes a great self-guided ghost town reference book to carry in one s automobile while visiting this part of Washington State. For those planning a trip to Northeastern Washington State, the guide will provide advanced information for a greater appreciation of the historic sites one can experience upon arrival.