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Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector America’s top 12 best detectors

Garrett Ace 150 Metal Detector Ace 150 metal detector listed in America’s top 12 best metal detectors


This Full-on sporty Ace 150 also features excellent depth, accurate target ID and discrimination and is right on the money when it comes to cost!



More Technology More Features More Treasure

Put aside its aggressive good looks and you’ll see that Garrett’s new Ace 150 is still ahead of the competition in every respect. This rugged new machine exhibits every trait and well thought-out feature you like to see in a quality metal detector. It’s easy-to-use, offers high performance handling without complex settings and adjustments as well as featuring intuitive controls that make treasure hunting fun, easy and very rewarding.

No other detector will give you Garrett quality features for only retail of $179.95 ( Our price $152.95 ).

Rest assured this machine will send the competition back to the drawing board!




Graphic Target ID Cursor( 5 Segments)

Clear Tone Speaker
Tone ID

Sensitivity, Depth Adjustment ( 4 Settings)

Low Battery Indicator
Coin Depth Indicator
Headphone Jack
Interchangeable Ace Series Searchcoils
Large LCD Display
Microprocessor Controlled
Push Button Controls
Touch-n-Go Operation
Length: 42″ to 51″ – Adjustable
Weight: 2.7 lbs. (102 Kgs. )
Frequency: 7.2 KHz
4 AA battery operation (batteries included)
2 Year Warranty
Seach Modes
All Metal
Mode, 3 Distinct Discrimination Patterns
ALL-NEW, Rhino Tough 6.5X9″ PROformance interchangeable Searchcoil

A&S Rated 5 Star For Quality

A&S Rated 5 Star For Ease of Use And Technology

A&S Rated 5 Star For Price

Ace 150
five Segments
Graphic Target ID
three Modes
Pre-Programmed Notch Discrimination Search Modes
three Levels
Coin Depth Indicators
Electronic Pinpointing
All New Interchangeable Ace Series Coil
Tone ID , Three Levels
Battery Condition Indicator
Headphone Jack
Tactile Push Buttons
Large,  Clear LCD Display
Touch-n-Go Operation
Adjustable Armrest
3 Piece Breakdown Stem to 24 inches

Retail price: $179.95 But ours is $152.95 with free 5 gifts

Check the Gifts and choose the ones you like and order here : Garrett Ace 150 metal detector $152.95 with Free Shipping and 5 Free Negotiable Gifts

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