how to troubleshoot a metal detector

there should be some guides to help you troubleshoot your metal detector. the following are the most recommended ways of troubleshooting your detector. this will help you to identify the problem and solve it.


TroubleshootingThere are some common issues that  many hobbyists experience that are universal to all makes and models of metal detectors. Here are a few proven remedies to some of these common symptoms.

No power

1. Ensure batteries  are installed  in the correct position.

2. Replace all old batteries  with all new batteries

Erratic sounds or Target IDcursor movement

1. Ensure your searchcoil is securely  connected and the coil is tightly wound around the stem

2. Ensure you are not  using the detector indoors or where excessive amounts of metal are found

3. Reduce your sensitivity setting

4. Determine if you are close  to other metal detectors or other metal structures such as electrical power lines, wire fences, benches, etc.

(NOTE: Iron targets may cause erratic sounds or Target ID Cursor movement. You can identify iron targets in an All-Metal Mode)

Intermittent Signals Intermittent signals  typically mean you’ve probably found a deeply buried target or one that is positioned at a difficult angle for your detector to read. Increase the sensitivity on your detector and scan from different directions until the signal becomes more definite. In the case of multiple targets switch to the All-Metal Mode or press PINPOINT to precisely locate all targets.(NOTE: Iron targets may cause Intermittent Signals. You can identify iron targets in an All-Metal Mode).

I’m not finding specific targets Ensure you are using the correct mode for the type of hunting you are doing. If you are hunting for coins, ensure you are in the COINS mode. You may also use the All – Metal mode, which detects all metal targets to ensure desired targets are present.

Target ID Cursor bounces If your Target ID Cursor bounces erratically, chances are you’ve found a trash target. However , a Target ID Cursor may bounce if a good target (such as a coin) is  not parallel to the searchcoil (e.g. on edge). It may also bounce if there is one or multiple “junk” targets laying next to the good target. Scan from different directions until your Target ID Cursor becomes more stable.