CZ-70 PRO TARGET ID Metal Detector

We've just made the best better, we've added a 4th tone!
Premium target ID detector designed to recover treasure you may have been missing!

Fisher has added a 4th tone to our target I.D. detector to enhance the sensitivity of treasure you may have been missing! Based on the reports of CZ users that valuable treasure was being found outside the Coin I.D. range, the CZ-70 features a new target tone to alert you to what you may have been missing old coins (like early Indian Head & Flying Eagle cents), deep coins, coins on edge, coins located close to aluminum trash, and brass and lead relics. The CZ-70 Pro offers surface mount electronics with zero battery drain for last setting turn on and faster pin-point-mode response, a hot wide scan, all metal, auto tune mode, a wet sand mode and touch VCO pin-pointing and is belt, hip, or even chest mountable with the optional harness. Now, hear the difference, see the difference, and find more treasure

POWER ON/OFF-GROUND BALANCE Single-turn potentiometer with switch. Ground Balance function works in conjunction with Pinpoint/Search touch pad. "5" is turn-on-and-go "PRESET" position. NORM/SALT Touch-pad mode switch for normal soil or wet sand operation. AUTO/I.D. Touch-pad mode switch for all metal auto-tune target I.D. SENS Touch pad controls sensitivity in conjunction with arrow touch pads. VOL Touch pad controls for speaker and headset volume. LIGHT PRESET Touch pad turns on LCD back light. NOTCH Touch pad used in conjunction with arrow touch pads to reject or accept specific targets. PINPOINT/SEARCH Touch pad controls to exit VOL, SENS or NOTCH functions and enter search mode. Press and hold for no-motion pinpointing and depth reading. ARROW TOUCH PADS to adjust VOL. SENS and NOTCH levels.