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  • CZ-5 QuickSilver By Fisher Metal Detectors
    Oldest Name In Business, Since 1931

  • CZ-5 QuickSilver

    The CZ-5 Quicksilver Features are:

    * Visual target I.D. meter, * Audio three-tone target I.D., * Two-frequency, Fourier Domain Signal Analysis, * Submersible search coil and lower stem , * Easy to use; no programming, no complicated number scheme, * Push-button for no-motion pinpointing and target depth reading, * Push-button ground adjust, * Audio big-target alert, * Increased depth in mineralized soil, * Turn-on-and-go , pre-set control marking, * Wet-sand mode, * Three-piece break down, * Optional, compact hard-shell carrying case, * Faint-target audio boost, * Built in speaker * Eight-inch, open center Spider Coil, * Optional search coils available, * Drop-in battery compartment for 2, 9-volt batteries, * Control housing is removable for hip mounting , * Silent Search , VLF , slow motion discrimination, * Super-hot, wide Scan, all-metal autotune mode, * Lifetime Warranty.

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    List Price: Fisher CZ-5 with 8 inch Spider coil, $849.95

    A&S Company's Price: $495, Free shipping and free headphones
    Sorry this item is SOLD OUT, and has been discontinued, the replace met is Fisher CZ-3D

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