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  • 1270

    Hunt with the best of 1200 series, the 1270

    Building on the tradition of performance and quality in Fisher’s 1200 series metal detectors, the 1270 is the pinnacle in a line of superior detectors. It's sensitivity to relics is now better than ever and its the one to beat in target depth. The 1270 also provides you with a toolbox of easy to use features that will give you an advantage in every treasure hunting situation: like a high resolution iron discrimination mode that enables you to "see through" iron trash like never before, a precision ground balance adjustment for difficult soil conditions, and a "silencer" mode for quiet discrimination. Also, there's a trigger switch for pinpointing and mode changes designed to save you time. After all, you'll need that extra time to recover all your treasure.

    List Price: Fisher 1270 with 8 inch Spider coil, $699

    A&S Company's Price: $595, Free shipping and gifts: 6 other gifts

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