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  • Fisher 1225-X Metal Detector
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  • Fisher 1225-X:

  • Get Top Performance On a Budget with the 1225-X

    Get an unbeatable combination: The Fisher 1225-x is light, tough, easy to use, selective and deep seeking. In fact, it goes just as deep as 1235-X and has the same powerful discrimination and ground-reject circuits-yet it lists for substantially less. Standard equipment includes an 8-inch, submersible coil, detachable, ESI-shielded coil; full range sensitivity and Trash rejection controls; Battery Test; Headphone Jack, and zero motion, push button pinpointing. Compare the 1225-X to anything in its price range. Compare depth, discrimination and ease of use. You will find that, dollar to dollar, it is hard to beat.

    Fisher 1225-X Features:

    * Automatic, turn-on-and-go operation, * Silent, no-threshold operation, * VLF-slow motion Discrimination, * Push-button, Zero-motion pinpointing, * Patented, Double-Derivative electronics, * Optional 3 3/4, and 5-inch coils and 10 1/2 inch Spider coil. , * Lightweight with cushioned arm rest and Flexon grip, * Drop-in batteries, long battery life, * Full-range Discrimination and Sensitivity controls, * Built-in detector stand, * Only two knobs and a push button, * 5 year warranty

    A&S Company's Discounted Price: $239.95, Free shipping, headphones,digger,apron, cap and coil cover

    Order Lines: Toll Free 1-888-369-8999 OR 1-800-301-6151


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