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Sorry the Treasure Baron and the Millennium Baron both have been discontinued. The new Version for the Year 2005 is now available and is Millennium II which retails $1149.95 and our price is $749 Free ground shipping nationwide.

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  • Treasure Baron by Discovery Electronics
    Improve Your Depth Perception

    Introducing the Treasure Baron is the only modular detector available anywhere, at any price. The Treasure Baron is an entirely new concept in the detector industry. Now you can purchase the affordable Baron base, then add owner upgradable modules as your skills and profits grow. Let the Baron with ESP circuitry finance your upgrades so the you can own a top of the line detector that improves as you do. The Treasure Baron is designed to accommodate additional circuit boards with independent features and controls. This allows you to systematically increase performance by 25 to 45 %. The all new Treasure Baron offers more Power, more performance and more versatility.


    S Style Rod-Hip Mountable Case, * Operating Frequency: 12.5 Khz, * Weight: 3.7 pounds less Batteries, * Length fully extended: 57 inches , Collapsed: 46 inches, * Controls: 1- Power/Audio Range, 2- Mode Toggle/ All Metal. Motion Disc. 3- Disk ID / Iron ? Set Disc ID Tone, push accept or reject Iron, 4- GND/SALT functional with pro-module , 5- 1/8 inch Headphone Jack, * Batteries Standard AA Batteries required ( not include) , * ESP 8 inch Waterproof loop.

    Baron ESP Base
    * Modular, * Affordable, * Upgradable, * Hip Mountable, * Pinpoint Mode, * Dual Tone Target ID, * Complete Easy to Use. It comes with Standard 8 inch coil.

    Suggested Retail Price Baron ESP Base Unit: $429.95
    A&S Price : $ 339.95


    Deep Hunter Upgrade:
    * Ni-Cad Charging Circuit, ESP Extra Scanning Power, * Better Depth Perception and Definition, * Adds two power boost levels.

    Suggested Retail Deep Hunter upgrade module: $149.95
    A&S Price : $ 112.95

    Pro Hunter Module:
    adds notch, manual ground adjust, LED battery check, and target depth.

    Suggested Retail Price Pro Hunter module: $149.95
    A&S Price : $ 112.95

    Gold Trax Module:
    Provides true automatic ground tracking, fixed GB, iron indicator, slew control to customize the setting. Micro controller, user friendly controls under touchpad. User does not have to 'pump' the unit to set up the ground tracking feature.

    Suggested Retail Price Gold Trax Module: $269.95
    A&S Price : $ 199.95

    Ni-Cad Module:
    features monitored onboard recharging of Ni-Cads. Requires AC power adaptor.

    Suggested Retail Price Ni-Cad Module: $39.95
    A&S Price : $ 32.95

    Black Sand Module:
    Adds two power boost levels and also adds Ni-Cad use.

    Suggested Retail Price Black Sand Module: $119.95
    A&S Price : $ 99.95

  • Optional Accessories are:

    Item, Description, Retail Price, A&S Price:
    Deluxe stereo headphones (By Pyramid)($39.95) $14.95
    Deluxe padded vinyl carrycase ($30) $23.95
    Rain cover with clear control visor ($15) $9.95
    12 volt fused auto charger
    2 inch Wide cam lock, nylon web belt for hip or body mounting
    10 inch Thunderhead loop ($169.95) $139.95
    6 X 9 inch elliptical search coil, (recommended if Gold Trax is used) ($99.95) $79.95
    8 inch Zero buoyancy loop
    coil cover 10 inch $6.95
    coil cover 8 inch $6.95
    Elliptical 9 inch coil cover $6.95
    Frequency shifter with five positions
    Lower rod assembly

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